Movie Star Planet Movies, Videos and Films

MovieStarPlanet is an exciting place where you can both make, and watch cartoon movies! Cartoons are kept small and very simply, utilizing the English language in new and motivation ways which allow children to: read and write screenplays, watch, listen and learn from other childrens movies.

Making Your Own Movies

First, visit the Movie Town area. There you can create a movie by clicking on the sign reading New Movie. You will then need to select the Movie Stars who will be in the movie. The MovieStars available to you will be both your own Avatar, as wll as the Avatars of any friends you have made. You can then choose what costumes each moviestar should be wearing for your movie.

While creating the movie, simply choose what content to play and where. It's very simple! Remember to utilize the timeline bar in the bottom - this is how the movie will progress over time. For full details refer to in-game.

Each movie contains "scenes". You can only have a certain number of scenes for each movie, during which you can customize the backgrounds and background music for each scene. You can collect content for scenes by going shopping.

When the movie is finished, make sure you remember to hit publish, and the send to friends button!